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Permissions and sharing settings

In EntryScape Terms, a user can usually be either group manager for a terminology or member with restricted access. You can be a member or group admin of one or more terminologies. A group manager can give permissions to other users, publish/unpublish a terminology, download it, remove it, edit metadata for a terminology, and add concepts and collections to a terminology. When you create or import a terminology for the first time, you automatically become a group manager for that terminology.

Members can download a terminology, update a restricted terminology from a source (see below), and create concepts and collections etc. for a terminology. However, members cannot publish/unpublish a terminology, delete it or edit its metadata.

If needed it's possible to get a higher level of permissions in specific cases, admin permissions, if you contact the MetaSolutions support. In such cases your organization must already have established a work routine, work group and metadata management or open data work in the management organization.

If you can't access the terminology you want, you need to request access to it from the group manager (or admin) in your organization. (The group manager is most likely head of the department, unit manager or similar.)

Group managers can change access permissions for other users by clicking the three-dot menu and select "Sharing settings".

Menu item Sharing settings

There you can add and remove users to the group that has access to the terminology. To add a user to a group, click on "Add user to group". You can also choose the level of permissions the user should have, group manager or member, by clicking on the icon in front of the name.

Permission settings for users

To remove a user from a group, click on the three-dot menu and select "Remove".

Menu item Remove user from group