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In EntryScape you can se statistics of the use of your published open data. This may be useful in your reporting and development work.

On the overview page for your catalog you will find a simple preview of usage activity on the right side. It shows the number of file downloads and API calls for the last 7 days.

Preview of usage activities

For more detailed statistics, go to Statistics at the bottom of the left menu. (It can take a few seconds for the statistics page to load, depending on the amount of calculated datasets.)

Main menu Statistics

The detailed statistics shows number of downloads of APIs and files for different datasets during a chosen time range.

Detailed statistics view

You can filter the statistics in several ways. You can search on the title of your dataset in the search box at the top. You can also select which time range you want to see (for examplem yesterday, last month, this year etc) and you can select which types of data you would like to see (files, documents, API calls).

Filter options for detailed statistics

Below the diagram each object is displayed in a single row. If you click on one row, only that object is showed in the diagram. Click on the row once more to show all objects again.

You can also download the statistics as a CSV file, or print it, by using the buttons to your top right.

Buttons download CSV and Print