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With Documents you can import, upload or link to files that should be linked to a dataset, like a specification or a license agreement. At the moment, these three document types are supported: Documentation, License och Standard/Recommendation/Specification. First you select if you want to import an external specification or if you want to create a document, by linking to or uploading a file.

Buttons Import and Create

Import external specification

If you click on ”Import” you will see a list of specifications available through

A specification is a guide or an instruction for how a certain kind of dataset should look. If you follow the specification your dataset till be compatible with the same kind of datasets from other providers.

Click on ”Import” on the specification you have chosen and then click on "Close" to close the window.

List of available specifications to import

Create document

To create/add a new document, go to Documents and click on the "Create" button.

If the document is available on the web, enter the web address (URL). In other case, click on "File" and upload the file. Document type and Title are mandatory fields, but it's recommended to also enter a Description of the document. Then, click on "Create" down to the right.

Input fields to create a new document

The document is now created but exists in EntryScape Catalog as a loose file not linked to anything yet. See below on how to link the document to an existing dataset.

In a dataset description there are two optional fields where you can link to a document that you have uploaded or linked to through EntryScape:

"Conforms to" refers to a specification or similar that the dataset conforms to, as well as the more general

"Documentation", where you refer to a documentation file of some kind that belongs to the dataset. To link to a document from a dataset, go to Datasets, select which dataset to link from and choose "Edit".

On the right side you can use Search property or the Table of contents to faster skip down to the fields "Conforms to" and "Documentation".

The field Conforms to for a dataset

The field Documentation for a dataset