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Managing organizations and harvesting sources

In Registry an organization is also a harvesting source, so in order to be able to harvest a data catalog an organization has to be created.

The sections below describe how harvesting sources are created and managed.

Adding an organization

Click the creation button in the upper right corner to create an organization. Only few details are necessary: the name of the organization, a short description, the type of data catalog (DCAT, CKAN, etc) and the URL of the harvesting source.

Screenshot of creation dialog

Once the organization is created it may take some time until the URL is checked and harvested from.

By clicking the cog wheel in the organization's list row you can access the configuration dialog to edit the organization and harvester details.

Check the harvesting status

The organization's harvesting status can be accessed by clicking the organization's list row or by clicking the corresponding menu item after clicking the cog wheel .

The latest harvesting attempts are shown with some basic statistics such as amount of datasets harvested. If a harvesting source was found it is possible to access a validation report per harvesting attempt.

The button "Reharvest" adds the organization to the harvesting queue which will trigger a reharvesting process within a short while.

Screenshot of harvesting status