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Data services


A data service is a way to describe and publish one or several API:s. In EntryScape Catatlog, you can add a dataservice to a dataset it belongs to. To create a data service, go to Data services in the menu and click on "Create".

Main menu Data service

Then you can enter a Title and Endpoint URL for the data service. For the "Endpoint URL" field, point to the most general open access address to your data service. Avoid linking deeper with intersections in the API.

Dialog to create a data service

If you turn on recommended and optional fields, you can describe your data service in more detail. Then click on "Create". More detailed descriptions with additional metadata fields filled in will help othere users to easily find, understand and be able to use the data available from your data service.

You can edit the description about your data service or remove it with the Edit and Remove buttons on the overview page for the data service.

Menu option Edit

When you are done describing your data service, you can publish it by clicking the Publish button to make it green, on the data service list page.

Publish button