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This function is used to share your organisation's ideas on how published data can be used. Ideas are similar to showcases, but are placed at the other end of the open data value chain.

When you are in the overview view of a catalog, you can click on Ideas. The Ideas feature allows you to showcase ideas for possible use cases for how your datasets can be used. Click on Create idea. This opens a menu where you can write an idea for use, such as a community service, application, analysis, report or similar that someone else can perform. Ideas for what can be done with published datasets can be described using this feature. An idea can be linked to one or more datasets that can help make the idea a reality. This feature is particularly useful if your organization is organizing or intends to participate in a hackathon and wants to provide input to the event participants.

Screenshot of idea catalog overview

If there is no idea in the catalog that can be shown to the outside, you can create one. Click on + Create.

Screenshot of empty list of ideas

Create ideas as inspiration for open data users

Describe the metadata and if possible refer to the dataset that links to the idea to make it easier for others to turn the idea into reality. Here you can search through all datasets in the catalog, choose from a drop down list or write in the field Dataset to refer to the right dataset.

Screenshot of idea

Then click on Create.

You will then see a list of ideas and you can edit existing ideas, see revisions or delete ideas you have posted.

Screenshot of more functions for idea

With EntryScape Blocks there is functionality to create embeds in common web pages, e.g. in your CMS (similar to the built-in functionality of catalogs), to showcase your ideas on intranet or external web page.