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With this feature, organizations can publish ideas on how published open data can be used, based on one or several datasets in a catalog. It can be useful when planning hackatons or wanting to encourage to a certain kind of use of open data where you see an opportunity. The difference between this function and Showcases is that Ideas are just ideas of some things that don't exist yet. To create an idea, go to Ideas and click on "Create".

Main menu Ideas

Title och Description are mandatory fields to fill in, but it's good to also state which dataset you have in mind for the idea to be based upon.

Dialog to Create idea

You can describe the idea in more detail later, by going to the overview page for the idea and click on Edit. There you can also remove the idea with the button Remove.

Buttons Edit and Remove for ideas

All ideas are public by default as soon as they are created. You can unpublish them by using the publication button.

Publication button for ideas