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EntryScape Terms

With EntryScape Terms you manage terms and concepts related to open and shared data. You can create or import terminologies and taxonomies that can be used by other applications.

Information managers/data owners will also benefit from reading parts of this documentation. Before you start working with EntryScape Terms, please check existing policies for sharing and re-using data in your organization.

How concepts are organized in EntryScape Terms

A terminology is a set of terms and concepts within a specific field of expertise. In EntryScape Terms you collect concepts that belong together within a certain terminology and structure them in concept hierarchies. You can also create collections where you collect subsets of concepts from one or more terminologies.

Below is an example of a terminology, "Dog breeds", where the concept "Companion and Toy Dogs" serves as the parent concept for several subordinate concepts in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to go down multiple levels.

Example of hierarchical terminology

You can also group existing concepts into collections. A collection is a selected subset of concepts from one or more terminologies grouped together for a specific purpose.

Below is an example of a collection, "Allergy friendly dogs and cats", that collects and points to a subset of concepts from the already existing terminologies "Dog breeds" and "Cat breeds".

Example of a collection