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Show how your datasets are used

Showcases are used to describe something (such as a web page or mobile app) that has been built based on one or more datasets in your catalog. Possible uses of showcases are to gather information during or after hackathons, or just to document the results of an organization's activities around open data. The Showcase feature showcases concrete applications or initiatives (Showcases) of how your datasets have been used. You can use Showcases to publish and point to actual use cases of your datasets.


When you are in the overview view of a catalog, you can click on Showcase.

Screenshot of showcase directory overview


If you don't see a list of already inserted showcases, the only option is to create a new showcase.

Screenshot of empty list for showcase


Click on + Create and fill in the required fields to describe the showcase to be displayed. This makes it easier for you and others to show usage.

Screenshot of create showcase

Then click save.

Edit revisions and delete

Screenshot of more-menu showcase

Similar to how other features work, you can click on the More menu for a showcase and then choose to edit a showcase, view revisions of the showcase or delete the showcase.