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When you are in the overview view of a catalog, you can click on Contacts.

Screenshot of contacts list overview


A Contact is specified as a function address or a individual contact to a dataset. It is a responsible function for the management of the dataset and has the responsibility to keep the metadata updated and accurate. Use the search field to find the contact you want to enter in your dataset. A minimum of three characters is required to search for a contact. If the contact already exists, you can skip this step.

Screenshot of contacts list

Screenshot of contact search empty


If the contact does not exist, you need to create a contact. Click on + Create

Screenshot of contact add


Click on Organization below or next to Individual and enter the contact's project or activity name and email address. A contact can be a functional address for the project to which your task applies. For example, the activity may have a registry with a functional address such as that manages the registry activities of the project. The functional address should be accessible to the person responsible for managing information (the information part of the system) for the registry project. This does not apply, for example, to the project manager of the IT system itself in the project.

Fill in the Mandatory and Recommended fields. Optional fields do not exist.

Screenshot of describe contact

Finally, click on Create at the bottom.

The contact should be a sub-organization of the organization added under publishers. For example, it can be a work unit or project unit with a functional address that the person in charge has access to. Click on organization and fill in the Mandatory and Recommended fields. Optional fields are not available.

Edit and revisions

If you want to change a contact, you can edit the contact, view revisions of it and delete the contact. You can do this through the more menu.

Screenshot of the more menu for contacts


If you want to delete a contact, click on the more menu and then delete. If the contact is linked to one or more datasets, they will be listed and you will be prompted to change the contact for the datasets.

Screenshot of contact add

Once you have changed the contact of the datasets, you can try again. Then click Yes to confirm deleting the user.